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Last Updated: Saturday February 03 2007 11:41 GMT

Sportsround meets Brian O'Driscoll

Brian O'Driscoll

A massive seven months begins for Ireland on Sunday when they face Wales in the Six Nations championship in Cardiff.

They're favourites to win the tournament, and have also been tipped to do really well when the World Cup starts in September.

So 2007 could be a huge year for the Ireland and their captain Brian O'Driscoll, and Sportsround caught up with him to find if he's looking forward to the rest of the year.

The Six Nations are coming up, how do you rate your chances?

I'd like to think good to very good. We played well in the November internationals against Australia and South Africa and we want to bring some of that form through to the Six Nations.

It's a tough competition to win, but I think we've got as good a chance as anybody.

People say you're the favourites, how does that effect your preparations?

I don't think you worry too much about it. We've been favourites before and we've been underdogs before. You just have to play the exact same way and try to have the same attitude whatever people think.

We've struggled a few years ago as favourites, so hopefully we can learn from that.

England have been rubbish recently, are you happy about that?

I can't say I'm overly disappointed. But I think any time you play England you still know it's going to be a really hard game. No matter how poorly they've been playing previously you know it's going to be really physical and tough and I expect the exact same when we play them in a few weeks' time.

So with you as hot favourites, won't the Six Nations be really boring?

The Six Nations is never boring. It always throws something up.

Two years' ago Wales won the Grand Slam, they won all fives games. I think you'll always have games that go against the favourites. Hopefully that won't be the case this time around and we'll win all five.

Brian O'Driscoll

Which is most important, the Six Nations or the Rugby World Cup?

If you gave me the opportunity to win one or the other I think I'd pick the World Cup. But the Six Nations is still very important to us.

It's good to show form in that competition, and you'll be playing some of the same teams later in the year. It's exciting because you get two really big competitions in the one year and that only happens once every four years.

Which countries are you worried about meeting in the World Cup?

I think everyone is worried about playing New Zealand. They've been unbelievable for the last 18 months and are comfortable favourites.

But they've slipped up in World Cups in the past, particularly in 1999 and 2003, when they were expected to win it.

Who knows what will happen? It's a knock-out competition and nerves can get to teams.

I'm just hoping some teams are using Ireland as their team to be afraid of.

You're wearing some pretty hi-tech kit, what difference does it make, if any?

I think it makes a big difference. It helps your posture and makes you more alert, particularly late in the game.

It straightens you up and opens your lungs up, well it does for me.

Is all that expensive kit not a little bit like cheating?

It's just legal cheating though!

A little edge here and there never hurt anyone. The best athletes in the world aren't just happy with the talents they've been given.

They look after themselves, worry about what they eat and how they train. Their attitude makes them the best in the world, and sometimes that includes having some of the best kit.

Does that mean you can have a few more burgers and still play as well?

I still enjoy a burger now and then!

You have to have treats here and there, you can't rule those things out completely because life is about living.

It's a matter of having them in moderation and not eating 15 burgers when you should really only have two.

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