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Last Updated: Monday January 29 2007 16:05 GMT

Duck returns from dead yet again

A duck

A duck that survived being shot and spending two days in the fridge has lived through major surgery - even though she died on the operating table!

Vets in Florida in the US were working to fix Perky's wing, when the duck twice stopped breathing.

But they managed to revive the bird, who leapt to fame when she was found alive in a hunter's fridge two days after being shot.

Perky now has a pin in her wing, but is expected to make a good recovery.

"The first time she stopped breathing a quick thump on the chest brought her back," Susan May, from the Goose Creek Animal Sanctuary told the BBC.

"But once the surgeon started sewing her back up she stopped breathing again, this time for 15 seconds."


Surgeon David Hale had to use a needle to shock Perky back to life.

"This duck has taken us all on an emotional rollercoaster," said Ms May.

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