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Last Updated: Sunday January 28 2007 16:51 GMT

Pupils die in Iraq school attacks

Girl runs out of her school after it was attacked by rockets

Seven children have been killed in Iraq after their schools got caught up in violence on Sunday.

A school in Baghdad was hit by a shell which exploded, killing five girls and injuring 20 others as the blast blew glass out of the classroom windows.

Elsewhere a truck bomb exploded near a primary school in Ramadi, north-west of Baghdad, leaving two children dead.

The bomber was attacking a nearby Iraqi security base. It's thought the truck accidentally blew up near the school.

The violence happened as Shia Muslims marked a festival called Ashura, which is one of the holiest festivals in the calendar.

Fighting between people

Man picks ups school book
Man picks ups school book
It's not clear who fired the shells at the Baghdad school but it is in an area which has been the scene of lots of attacks by Sunni Muslim and Shia Muslim fighters.

Iraqi and US forces are preparing to get tough on violence between the different types of people who live in Iraq. This includes Sunni and Shia Muslims.

Many of the groups don't get along, and every week hundreds of people die as a result of fighting between them.

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