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Last Updated: Friday January 26 2007 14:14 GMT

Experts to dig up 'Hobbit' hole

A hobbit skull (left) compared with a human skull

We could be set to learn more about a tiny type of human that lived 12,000 years ago, after scientists were given permission to dig up their home.

The metre tall creatures were found in Indonesia and some people have called them Hobbits because of their size.

Work in the caves where the bones of the Hobbits were found stopped in 2005 after the archaeologists had a row with the Indonesian government.

That's been sorted out, so the Hobbits could soon give up their secrets.

Skeletons of the little people were found in 2004, but no-one's sure exactly what they are.

The team that found them say they're a whole new species of human, which would make them a very big discovery, despite their miniature size.


But other people say they're just small people with a disease that made their brains even smaller.

The scientists hope with a bit more work, they'll be able to answer this big question.

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