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Last Updated: Thursday January 25 2007 15:43 GMT

In pictures: Panda cubs need names

Panda cub

Aww! Here's a panda cub in China. It doesn't have a name yet, and neither do 18 others. People in China are being offered the chance to choose the cubs' names.


Say cheese! Here are just some of the cute critters at the China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda.


The names will be chosen on this website, where there's info about each cub.

Baby pandas

The babies have come a long way. These pink blobs soon started growing...

Baby panda

Now this fella looks a bit more familiar. The babies have been very well cared for, as pandas are an endangered species.

Panda and cub

Here's one with mum, looking quite comfy. The babies are only given a name when they leave their mums to go into panda kindergarten.


Watch out! The cubs don't always get on. Their carers have waited until now to name them because that's when their personalities come out - like this snappy chap.

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