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Last Updated: Wednesday January 31 2007 10:12 GMT

What's a healthy look?

Model on a catwalk in 2006
Fashion bosses are trying to make sure that models at London's Fashion Week aren't so thin they look unhealthy.

Some models are so thin they have the same measurements as seven-year-old kids.

So we wondered exactly what you thought was a healthy look? Do you think thin models look okay? Perhaps you like seeing models who are larger in magazines or on TV?

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Your Comments

I think that skinny models look really disgusting.
Amy, 8, Whitford

I think curvy people would make great models as well.
Olivia, 12, Cardiff

A healthy look is not what other people think it's what you actually think yourself. If you feel healthy then you will be healthy in the mind and on the outside. It will show. So if these models feel healthy then we can't try and make them put on weight.
Emma, 13, Lisburn

A healthy look is a person who isn't a skeleton, but isn't obese. They are healthy if their eyes shine and they smile lots!
Amelia, 12, Salisbury

I don't think skinny and underage models should be banned. I'm 13 but naturally skinny and very tall for my age. I eat well and eat more than anyone else I know. If they ban underweight and underage models from catwalks I won't get any work! I think no age ban but models should have to take the BMI test. If they are really naturally thin they will be on the edge of being an underweight BMI.
Katharine, 13, Bourne

I think that they shouldn't be on the catwalk because they look unattractive and horrible. GET SOME FAT ON THAT BODY!! I also get really cautious of how I look too. What are the measurements supposed to be for a thirteen nearly fourteen girl??
Tina, 13, Manchester

I personally do not find skinny models attractive.
Andy, 13, Keswick

I think that skinny celebs are just ridiculous, they are a bad influence on girls my age.
Jess, 11, Surrey

I would love to get into the modelling business, but I feel my weight would hold me back.
Tammy, 12, Bassenthwaite

I think it's stupid to encourage skinny models and that being skinny doesn't mean you look any better.
Evelyn, 13, Lerwick

People think anorexia is just about being thin, but anorexia is about emotional and physical problems. It's unfair to say they're disgusting because it's not all about looks. But everyone's entitled to their own opinion. So let them be how they want to be.
Charlotte, 12, High Wycombe

I think that we should see normal healthy models. Seeing super skinny models gives people and especially children and teenagers a bad idea about their image, they think that to be attractive you need to be skinny.
Amelia, 9, London

Skinny models gross me out. It's horrible seeing so many skinny people in the magazines and never seeing any with some extra weight on them when you don't see their bones.
Jessica, 13, Stewartsville

Whoever said being a size zero is attractive is wrong. I think fashion would reach out to more women if the models weren't the measurements of my younger sister.
Becky, 12, York

I think that you don't have to be a stick to look good. You're better off just being slim. I've got a flat stomach, and people tell me I should eat more, but I eat enough! I do think that Italy had the right idea banning too skinny models.
Jasmine, 12, Walsall

I think people should be whatever size they want to be, if that's fat, skinny or seriously over weight!!!!! It doesn't really matter what you look like but what you feel like!!!
Laura, 12, Newcastle

I think a healthy look depends more on your BMI than your actual thinness - I am naturally very thin and I have been called a stick and that I need to eat more, but it's not true!
Stephanie, 12, Bristol

I think catwalks should have models of all different shapes and sizes, then more people would feel confident with whatever their body size or shape is.
Emma, 13, Ely

I think it's disgusting and that the clothes are for people to buy, so why put them on a stick insect?
Charlotte, 13, Bedford

If a model wants to be underweight then it's up to them and I don't really care if I see a skinny model because I'm not gonna think 'Umm I should lose weight', I'm gonna think 'She must be hungry'.
Sophia, 11, Barnstaple

I think models that skinny should we banned as they set a bad example to children and a child might risk there life to copy that look.
Lauren, 11, Derby

People who fuss about their weight can be overreacting. The best thing to do is be healthy and enjoy life!
Ella, 11, Norwich

Some models aren't as thin as they're made out to be. Weight issues are mostly to do with how the media portrays people! For example they'll use computers to edit the length of people's legs and size of their waist.
Aimee, 12, Derby

I think that it is a bad influence on younger teens like myself to be really skinny but if that's what they want then let them do it - it's up to them after all!
Laura, 11, Warton

Too-skinny models are absolutely disgusting and I would be put right off watching a catwalk because of them. They should be banned because it makes people watching feel fat, when actually the models have made themselves look gross and abnormal.
Ellen, 12, Leicestershire

To me skinny isn't attractive. Just because their stomach isn't flat doesn't mean they can't be models. They should be the average weight and size.
Laura, 13, Bucks

I think that models are too thin and they're just there to make people feel bad.
Rosalie, 11, Welshpool

I think that being too skinny isn't good and it's not attractive! You are more likely to become anorexic if you are obsessed with being skinny than if you are just naturally thin!
Sally,11, Crief

I think banning skinny models is a good idea but some models are not too bad. But it's not nice seeing people's bones.
Chloe, 10, Devon

I don't think people should be skinny, but they shouldn't be obese either.
Rosie, 11, Reading

Healthy looking and plump looks good.
Maria, 13, Penarth

Being fat or thin doesn't show your inner beauty it just means if you are thin you can wear more stylish clothes.
Hannah, 10, Bearsden

Models are supposed to look good, so if people find skinny models attractive, then it is fair enough for them to be skinny. I don't think people are influenced much by models anyway.
Emily, 13, Reading

A healthy look is when you are not obese and not underweight, then you've got the healthy look!
Estelle, 11, Sutton

I think if you're too fat or too thin you look unhealthy.
Jodie, 10, St Ives

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