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Last Updated: Wednesday January 24 2007 16:30 GMT

Quiz: Komodo dragons

Komodo Dragon

Question 1

Komodo Dragons are an endangered species. How many are there left in the world?

A: About 1,000
B: About 2,000
C: About 4,000

Question 2

Komodo Dragons are the biggest lizards in the world. How big can they grow?

A: One metre
B: Three metres
C: Seven metres

Question 3

Where do they live?

A: Indonesia
B: Africa
C: South America

Question 4

How heavy are they when grown up?

A: 50 kg
B: 60 kg
C: 70 kg

Question 5

How long do they stay in their eggs before hatching?

A: Six months
B: Seven months
C: Eight months

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