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Last Updated: Tuesday July 10 2007 18:39 GMT

In pictures: British troops in Iraq

Lizo with some of the British troops in Iraq

Thousands of British troops are serving at a military base in Iraq's second biggest city, Basra. Newsround's Lizo went out there to see what life's like for them behind the headlines.

Troops' uniform. Picture by Cpl Wayne Beeching / Crown copyright

Iraq can be a really dangerous place and troops have to be really careful to make sure they stay as safe as possible.

Soldiers on duty in Iraq

People who don't want British troops in Iraq often attack the military camp with mortar bombs, which explode when they hit the ground.

British troops on patrol. Picture by Cpl Wayne Beeching / Crown copyright

There can be up to three or four attacks a day so the Army goes on regular patrols to try to stop them.

Air Force helicopter

The Royal Navy guards the area by flying overhead in helicopters.

A military dog about to search a vehicle

And the forces' four-legged friends are also trained to help by searching vehicles that enter the military camp.

A vehicle check

All the vehicles have to be checked to make sure there are no bombs hidden on board.

A military dog searching a vehicle for explosives

The dogs have really sensitive noses so they can sniff out weapons and explosives.

A soldier with a military guard dog

Other dogs work with military patrols to keep out people who shouldn't be in the camp.

Military dog chasing a dog away in a demonstration

In this training exercise, the dog's chasing the 'intruder' away...

A military dog tackling the intruder

...but he didn't get very far!The dog knows how to grab the man's arm so he doesn't get badly hurt but also can't get away.

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