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Last Updated: Tuesday July 10 2007 18:39 GMT

British troops on patrol in Iraq

British troops on patrol in Iraq

Newsround's Lizo travelled to Iraq to find out what life is really like out there, four years after the US-led invasion of the country.

Iraq is a very dangerous place. Many people are killed every week, so even before I went out there, we had to take huge precautions to make sure our trip was as safe as possible.

When we arrived the Army team who were looking after us told us the best ways to stay safe, and what to do in an emergency.

We'd landed in Iraq at around midnight and went straight to bed, but were woken up an hour and a half later by a bomb alert.

People who don't want the British forces there often attack the military camp by firing in bombs called mortars which explode when they hit the ground.

One of the dogs who help to search vehicles going into the military camp
The dogs are trained to keep out people who shouldn't be in the military camp

We'd been told what to do when the alarm went off so within seconds Tony, our cameraman, and I hit the floor and pulled on our protective flak jackets and helmets.

Luckily the bombs aren't very accurate and usually go off without hurting anyone or causing much damage.

But we heard later on that three people had been injured in that night's attack. It made us realise what it must be like for troops in Iraq, who often have to deal with three or four attacks a day.

The Army go on regular patrols to try to stop the attacks and the Air Force have helicopters which guard the area from the air.

Bomb alert

I also met several four-legged recruits. There's a team of dogs who help search vehicles coming into the military camp.

Lizo being attacked by a military guard dog
Lizo was given a demonstration of how the dogs react to intruders

The dogs' sensitive noses can sniff out things like explosives and weapons.

The dogs are also trained to keep out people who shouldn't be in the camp. And I got a personal demonstration of how they tackle intruders.

There was another bomb alert just before we left Iraq, and it made me realise what a difficult job it is trying to keep everyone safe in a country as unstable as this.

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