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Last Updated: Tuesday July 10 2007 18:38 GMT

I worry about my brother in Iraq

Press Packer Thomas

Press Packer Dillon is very proud of his brother, Thomas, who's in the Army in Iraq, but he also worries about him.

In his report, he tells us how he misses his brother.

"My brother Thomas has wanted to join the Army since he was really small. He joined when he was 19. I was really proud of him when he got in.

He has been in Iraq for a few weeks and in the Army for 18 months.

Big hug

He sent us a special TV message with Newsround and it was good to see him, but I felt sad and scared.

When Iraq comes on the news I worry because people are getting killed and you don't know where things are happening.

Dillon's brother Thomas
Dillon's brother Thomas
I worry about him in case something happens to him. I can't wait until he gets back in October. I will give him a big hug and have a party for him.

But Thomas and the Army are doing an important job as they are saving people's lives and stopping the conflict between the Iraqi people.

He rings about once a week to speak to my mum and he asks me what's happening at school and at home. He says he likes being out in Iraq, but I think he is a bit scared.

I don't know what I'm going to do when I leave school but I might join the Army to save lives and to be with my brother."

Dillon, 13, Belfast

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