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Last Updated: Friday January 19 2007 13:24 GMT

Jungle girl alive after 19 years

The woman who is believed to be Rochom P'ngieng

It looks like a girl who disappeared 19 years ago has been found - after living wild in the jungle in Cambodia.

Rochom P'ngieng was just eight when she disappeared while she was looking after the family's buffalo.

Her dad recognised her because of a scar on her arm and tests are being carried out to make sure she is Rochom.

Police have said the woman was "half human and half animal" and could not talk properly. When she was found she was naked and walking like a monkey.

Map of Cambodia
The woman was found when a villager noticed that some of his food had been taken and saw what he thought was a "jungle person", picking up grains of rice from the ground.

The BBC's reporter Guy De Launey said it may be possible that the woman is not Rochom P'ngieng because there are many people in the remote area who are seeking refuge in Cambodia from Vietnam and may want to keep their identity a secret.

Cambodia is a country in south east Asia.

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