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Last Updated: Friday July 06 2007 13:32 GMT

Olympic Games for kids on the way

Kids playing basketball in China

An Olympic Games just for kids has been launched and the first event will take place in just three years' time.

Around 3,500 children will be able to compete at the first Youth Olympics in 2010, with a winter Youth Olympics planned for two years' later.

You'll have to be between 14 and 18 to take part, so if you're too young for the London Olympics in 2012, you may be able to take part in the new events.

Judges and other officials will also be younger than in the adult Olympics.

And there's a chance some new, younger sports may be included, so perhaps you'll be able to win a gold medal for skateboarding.

It's thought the summer Youth Olympics will cost around £15m to put on while the winter version will be cheaper at £7.5m-£10m.

The head of the Olympics, Jacques Rogge, said he is wondered that too many kids are playing computer games instead of taking part in sport.

He hopes seeing other children taking part in their own Olympics will inspire them to start playing more sport.