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Last Updated: Monday January 29 2007 09:37 GMT

My tips to help you go green!

Press Packer Justine turning off a light to save energy

Press Packer Justine is worried that we don't do enough to help look after our planet.

In her report she gives us some useful tips so that everyone can try and be a bit greener!

"I think that we need to do more environmentally things so that we don't ruin the earth.

Lots of animals are in danger of extinction, so we all need to do something.

Green tips! I've written some tips so that everyone can do their bit to solve this problem and save our planet.

  • Turn lights off when leaving a room!
  • Don't use two things at once. For example, if you're watching television, you don't need your computer on as well.
  • Turn power off! When you leave a room don't forget to turn the power off on everything - your television, computer, DVD player, keyboard and any games consoles that you have.
  • Have a go at recycling! If you can't recycle at home, why not do it at school? If you have a recycling bin in you classroom, try it!
Good luck!

Justine, 10, Angus

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