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Last Updated: Friday January 19 2007 09:22 GMT

Have you ever been picked on because you're different?

Inside the Celebrity Big Brother house

Some people are criticising a few of the Celebrity Big Brother housemates because they think they are bullying Bollywood superstar Shilpa Shetty.

Jade Goody and some of the other girls are being accused of picking on Shilpa because she's from India and has a different culture with different ideas about life.

So we want to know, have you ever been picked on for being different?

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Your Comments

I love Jo and I dont think what she said was racist. She was just making a statement. I have been bullied before for wearing 'un cool' trainers.
Kaitie, 12, London

I think this is silly because they are fighting over oxo cubes and Jade shouldn't have screamed at her.
Sarah, 10, London

I hate bullying, and I can't see why we can't all get along with each other!!
Kat, 12, East Markhem

I don't think it's right them saying bad stuff about Shilpa. Also it's not only Jades fault it's Jo's and Danelie's as well.
Ayeesha, 7, London

It's just crazy, why tease Shilpa? She might have diffrent skin colour to Jade, but that's no reason to bully her.
Niamh, 7, Wolverhampton

I was bullied in year 5 because I was a lot taller than everyone else at around 5 foot. I think Shilpa is being brave putting up with it as I probably wouldn't be able to.
Janine, 11, Manchester

I think that Jade shouldn't criticize because it's really hurtful and not nice. I wear a headscarf and Shilpa is the same colour as me! Jade shouldn't criticise her and Danielle should avoid Jade!
Saeeda, 10, Enfield

Whatever is happening with Shilpa is wrong. I think Jade, Danielle and Jo should be evicted.
Aamani, Huddersfield

I was bullied when I was in year six. I was hit with rulers and many other stuff. They called me many names.The first day when it happened I told my mum, it was easy to tell her. It then was sorted out.
Manpreet, 11, Southall

I was bullied at school but no-one cared. A Bollywood star gets a reaction and becomes a victim!
Daine, 11, London

I was picked on when I moved to Liverpool from Newcastle because of my accent, no-one wanted to be my friend and it was made worse when they all found out I was diabetic, they all called me names.
Michaela, Liverpool

I was bullied because I am a goth. It dosen't matter what you are on the outside it's what you are on the inside.
Amy, 12, Sussex

I think it's Danielle copying Jade Goody in all of this. If Jade had never come into the house then Danielle wouldn't be acting how she acts now.
Sandrea, 11, London

I think that Jade Goody should have been dropped. I was bullied for two years and it really affected me and I do not think anyone should go through that. Bullying is wrong and should be stopped because we are all the same no matter what colour or size we are.
Samantha, 14, Strood

In my opinion if Shilpa was English I still think people would talk about her, it's just the nature of Big Brother.
Becca, 13, Waterlooville

People in my class bully me because I wear a headscarf.
Mariam, 10, London

I used to be bullied but I told a teacher and they sorted it out.
Georgie, 11, Jersey

Luckily, I have never been picked on and bullied. But I think that people shouldn't be complaining so much, as all the people on Big Brother have volunteered to be there. They probably are just mean to each other to make the programme more interesting for viewers.
Emily, 13, Reading

I have been picked on because I am short for my age and I also have been picked on because I don't have many friends as they always leave me and play with each other and gossip about me.
Zara, 10, Peterborough

At school I have always been picked on because I have always been more clever than the rest of my class and so they all bullied me because of that.
Genni, 10, Oxfordshire

I was bullied because I had a different taste in music.
Amy, 14, Donegal

I was bullied because I didn't watch the same TV programmes as everyone else and people in my class thought it was really strange.
Sally, 11, Cardiff

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