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Last Updated: Monday January 15 2007 16:20 GMT

In pictures: US ice storms

A power pole leans at an angle

Ice storms have hit central parts of the US killing at least 21 people. About 300,000 homes have been left without power

Fallen tree branches weighted with ice cave in the roof of a parked car

The extreme weather has brought down trees, traffic lights and power lines which have led to blocked roads

Council workers cutting branches

Council workers have been chopping off branches hanging above icy power lines so that electricity supplies can be restored in Missouri and Oklahoma

Tim Curry uses a rope to pull down icy branches hanging low over the roof of his sister's home  in St. Charles, Mo

Local people have also tried to clear heavy ice from the branches of trees hanging over their homes

Sue Lunger, Columbia, Mo., attempts to scrape layers of ice from the sidewalk in front of her store

Loads of roads and pavements are still covered in thick layers of ice

Barbed wire covered in ice

Ice storms happen when rain falls when the temperature is very low. It freezes almost as soon as it hits a surface

Icicles on a road sign

This winter has been very cold in America - and more bad weather is expected