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Last Updated: Monday January 15 2007 16:04 GMT

Several killed in US ice storms

Barbed wire covered in ice

At least 21 people have died in accidents caused by deadly ice storms in America.

The storms are continuing to batter the country and military forces have been brought into Missouri after bad weather left 200,000 homes without power.

Hundreds of buildings have been damaged and experts are warning New England to expect at least another 30cm of snow.

Ice storms happen when rain falls when it's very cold, freezing as soon as it hits a surface.

Map of the US

The ice can coat large areas, making it very dangerous to be out and about in this weather. The ice can be so heavy that trees can collapse under the weight of it.

Traffic lights and power lines also blocked roads in Missouri and Oklahoma, where about 100,000 homes are without electricity.

Very cold winter

Wild weather
This picture was sent in by Shelles in Colorado

America has been experiencing one of its coldest winters for years.

The National Weather Service said it was "a very, very big cold front".

The bad weather is expected to hit the east coast later on Tuesday.