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Last Updated: Wednesday July 25 2007 06:20 GMT

Hotseat: The Simpsons creator Matt Groening

The Simpsons

The Simpsons Movie hits cinemas in the UK on Wednesday.

Newsround caught up with the creator of the show Matt Groening to ask him some of YOUR questions about the show and the movie.

Check out his answers below.

Why are the Simpsons yellow? - Peter, 9, Cambridge

They're yellow because when it was time to pick the colour for the cartoon I didn't want the conventional cartoon colours.

An animator came up with the Simpsons' yellow and as soon as she showed it to me I said: 'This is the answer!' because when you're flicking through channels with your remote control, and a flash of yellow goes by, you'll know you're watching The Simpsons.

Why does Bart always wear the same clothes? - Emily, 8, Durham

There is a convention in comics and cartoons of little boys wearing shorts to show that they're boys.

Bart wears shorts in summer, winter, fall and spring just because it's tradition.

And it's easier to draw if he doesn't keep changing clothes!

What inspired you to come up with The Simpsons? - Beatrix, 12, Derby

The Simpsons were the result of a last-minute frenzy. I was going to do something completely different but then thought to myself 'I'll do humans instead of bunny rabbits', which was my original idea. And then I just drew them really quickly.

How old were you when you started drawing and writing cartoons? - Joshua, 8
Matt Groening
Matt Groening

It was on the first day of the first grade in grade school (primary school) and I was drawing.

I remember it distinctly. I was always sitting in the back drawing, not always The Simpsons though.

Did you get in trouble for doodling at school? - Adam, 9, Banbridge

I got in trouble a lot for doodling. In fact I got told off so much I didn't think it was a good thing to do. To this day I can't believe I get paid to doodle.

How long does it take to make each Simpsons episode? - David, Belfast

It takes 6-8 months to do one episode.

Who do you think is the funniest character? - Katie, 10

Bart is pretty funny, but I think his friend Milhouse is even funnier in a way, although he's kind of pathetic. But my favourite of all the kids is Ralph Wiggum. Every time Ralph speaks I laugh.

Is there any celeb you'd like to be a Simpsons character? - Amy, 9, Aberdeen

We have a long list of people who want to be on the show and we just go down that list.

I don't think there's anybody who doesn't want to be on the show!

Would you consider creating a British cartoon family? - Joshua, 9, Essex

I think that would be a great idea. We could have them come and live in the UK for a year.

We have done it before and we always get it wrong and make people crazy, but maybe we'll do it again!

Why has it taken so long to make the film? - Ben, Leeds

We have been talking about it for a long time, but we were always doing the show and never take vacations (holidays), so when we did the movie we just had to double up our work and make it more difficult for ourselves.

So we're really proud to have done it and we need to rest and watch it with the rest of you.

Are there any celebs that didn't want you to take the mickey out of them? - Sam, Bath

Everybody's been pretty happy because it's not really them. They're drawn with giant eyeballs and no chins and they know what they're getting into, so they're pretty happy.

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