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Last Updated: Monday July 02 2007 13:37 GMT

In pictures: Floods in Yorkshire

Floods in Yorkshire

Hundreds of people have been forced from their homes in parts of Yorkshire, which have been badly affected by the floods.

Pumps to take away flood water in Yorkshire

Pumps are being used to get rid of the water - dumping it into nearby rivers and lakes.

Floods in Yorkshire

This little chap looks like he's going to be sitting on this wall for a while!


Lots of people like Natalie, 11, have to live in a special shelter. She said: "I'm just helping. I'm doing people's nails to make them feel better."


Nicky, 11, said: "You meet new friends who are already here. The bad thing is you want to go home and play on your games console or football with your friends."

Firefighters in Yorkshire

Firefighters from all over the country have travelled to Yorkshire to help out with the clean-up.

Firefighters in Yorkshire

But it's not all hard work. This firefighter has fallen into a river - but he doesn't seem to mind!


In the shelter Megan, 9, said: "The good thing is that you meet new peopl, but the bad thing is that it's not comfy in your bed."


Isla, 9, said: "We have to try and get all the water out of the house to get everything packed up and then we can go back."

Floods in Yorkshire

It's not just homes that have been affected by the floods - businesses have suffered too.

Floods in Yorkshire

Including this post office, although at least the man who runs it has got some waders to keep his feet dry!

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