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Last Updated: Sunday July 01 2007 15:24 GMT

More arrests over airport attack

Police officers walk outside Glasgow airport

Five people have been arrested after an attack on Glasgow Airport.

A car, which was on fire, was driven through the entrance of the main terminal of the airport in central west Scotland at about 3.15pm on Saturday.

Witnesses said they saw two men jumping from the car - one with his clothes on fire - just after the crash.

Two people were arrested at the scene, three more are being held in Cheshire, and Liverpool. Police are linking the attack to car bombs found in London.

On Sunday police carried out a safe explosion on a car in a hospital car park in Paisley, just outside Glasgow.

A number of homes in Renfrewshire near Glasgow have also been searched by detectives.

Emergency meeting

Map of the area
On Saturday night the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, held an emergency meeting with other members of the Government to talk about what had happened.

They decided to increase security and ask everyone to look out for anything unusual.


Police have confirmed they are linking the attack in Glasgow with events in London.

The car crashes through the doors
Car crashes through the airport doors
The car bombs in London didn't go off but police say if they had a lot of people would have been hurt.

The Security Services along with the police are now doing everything they can to work out who was behind the attacks and why they did them.

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