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Last Updated: Friday January 12 2007 15:42 GMT

Brothers guilty of cruelty to dog

Rusty the labrador

Two brothers have been found guilty of causing their pet labrador unnecessary suffering by letting him get too fat.

The RSPCA took Derek and David Benton, from Ely, Cambridgeshire, to court for letting Rusty pile on the pounds to weigh a whopping 11 and a half stone.

The RSPCA said the brothers didn't give Rusty the right sort of diet but they said Rusty couldn't exercise because he has arthritis which affects his legs.

Since the RSPCA has been feeding Rusty he has lost three and a half stone.

The chocolate brown pup is said to be much happier now that he's slimmed down to eight stone but his new diet is ongoing.

The magistrates said the brothers could have Rusty back if they wanted him but they must make sure he is looked after properly and doesn't put any more weight on.

If they don't, the brothers will be taken back to court.

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