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Last Updated: Tuesday July 10 2007 18:39 GMT

Our family had to leave Iraq

Refugee child with a painting

Press Packers Ayah and Murtadar used to live in Baghdad in Iraq.

They had to leave because it became too dangerous to stay there. They now live in London.

They tell us about their memories of Iraq and what they think of living in the UK.

"It was very hard growing up in Iraq. We were very frightened when our father left the house and worried that he wouldn't come back.

We couldn't go out and have any fun because we thought that people were waiting for us and we might be killed.

We were also scared at home because we thought that a bomb would hit our house.

School life

It was very hard at school too. Sometimes bombs hit our school and we had to wait in the playground for our parents. Other times we had to walk home ourselves.

The last time it happened we decided that we could never go back to school.

One day we went out to buy bread and a bomb went off.

We didn't know what to do, so we hid for a few hours before we thought it was safe to go home. We saw lots of terrible things. We used to have nightmares because we were so scared.

Sad times

The worse thing was losing our cousin. He was only 16 when he died.

We lost 10 members of our family in the war and we miss them very much. We worry about our relatives who are still in Iraq and want them to be safe.

We hope that there will be peace in Iraq. We want our family there to be safe and the people of Iraq to be able to live in peace."

Ayah, 13, and Murtadar, 11, London

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