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Last Updated: Thursday July 05 2007 11:25 GMT

Your views on smoking

Woman smoking

For the first time ever, from 1 July, smoking in public places is going to be banned throughout the UK.

So, we want to know what you think about smoking. Does it bother you? Are you pleased about the ban?

Maybe you're trying to persuade your friends or family to give up? Or is your life already smoke-free?

Do you think the ban is a good idea, or should people have the right to choose where they smoke?

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Your comments

"I don't like the smoking ban. Yes - pubs and restaurants are smoke-free, but outside shops, all the workers are stood by the door smoking! "

Chloe, 11, Shropshire

"I am very pleased about the smoking ban but it will only make people smoke more at home, and I think that this will encourage young children to smoke because their parents will be doing it more at home!"

Alisha, 11, Bristol

"Hopefully, if people can't smoke in pubs and clubs anymore with their friends, it might be socially considered less 'cool'. I hate smoking at stations, especially the enclosed ones like Victoria and I'm ecstatic that I don't have to breathe in their second-hand smoke anymore."

Alice, 12, London

"I think it's a good idea, they have had the ban in Scotland for a while and it means later on in my life I won't get lung cancer because of passive smoking."

Heather, 12, Glasgow

"The smoking ban has received mixed opinions but I think its a good idea because now smokers have less opportunity to smoke, they are more likely to give up. Hopefully, the smoking ban will reduce the number of people dying from diseases caused by active and passive smoking. In the future, children can hope to grow up in a smoke-free environment."

Anunita, 10, Rotherham

"I think it is a good idea to ban smoking but why haven't they banned smoking on the streets? We don't all go to pubs."

Kajal, 11, Birmingham

"I live in Wales so it has been around for a while here. Before the ban I went to a party and there were loads of parents smoking there and when I got home I stunk. I'm really glad they can't do it now."

Sophie, 11, Blaenau Gwent

"This smoking ban is fantastic! My sister-in-law smokes so my two nieces and nephew are affected badly. The ban should hopefully stop more people smoking and causing harm to others. I think cigarettes should stop being sold altogether."

Caz, 13

"I think this ban is stupid. My family are being affected by it... it's supposed to be a free country! If people want to smoke, just simply let them!"

Nadine, 13, Sittingbourne

"We agree that smoking should be banned because people who made the right choice not to smoke should not be forced to inhale it!"

Tysoe C. of E. Primary School, Year 6

"I think that businesses like pubs and clubs are going to lose profit, but I think that the ban is a good idea because children are inhaling smoke, from smokers."

Travis, 12, Blackpool

"I agree with the ban, but if you think about it, it's worse for children. If people can't smoke in public, they will smoke more often in smaller areas like cars and in their homes, so children will inhale more smoke because they will be in enclosed spaces. I think the ban should include all smoking no matter where you go!"

Hailey, 12

"I think it is a good idea. Because even though my dad doesn't smoke he stinks of cigarettes when he comes home."

Natalie, 12, Knaresborough

"The smoking ban is great! Smoking is a horrible habit and should be gone completely! Celebrities who smoke also set a bad example to younger people."

Danielle, 13, Epsom

"I am very, very, very glad about the ban of smoking. Firstly because I have an allergy from it, and secondly because before I was born my dad used to smoke and he had a heart-attack, so he quit, but there are still side affects every so often to this day."

Yumna, 10, London

"I would never smoke but I think it's unfair, because England's meant to be a free country where everyone's treated equally but this is picking on smokers and stopping freedom."

Robert, 12, Nelson

"I'm glad there is a smoking ban because my dad smokes so it should help him stop I hope it does! Thank you everyone who helped to make the ban!"

Chelsea, 9, Guildford

"I agree with the ban. Smoking is terrible, but I don't think this will stop people smoking."

Grace, 10, Tipton

"I think smoking stinks and affects my breathing. I'm glad it's band!!"

Skye, 10, Forest hill

"I think smoking is a filthy habit and I don't see the point. There are no good points to it."

Hayley, 12, Morecambe

"I am glad that there is a smoking ban!"

Chloe , 11, Derby

"Practically my whole family smoke, so this ban is excellent. Hopefully they will cut back. I think the government should stop people smoking on the streets all together.

Rhian, 13, Margate

"I am happy because I won't have to hold my breath when a smoker is coming."

James, 8

"I think the smoking ban is brilliant. When you go into public places you wont have to smell or breath the disgusting smoke."

Joe, 10, Stockton-on-Tees

"I think smoking is bad because it makes you smell, it isn't good for you and it takes precious time off your life."

Fiona, 10, Skipton "I think smoking in the first place is just really dumb! Especially when teenagers do it when they know about the harms of it and just think they're it by smoking. I think the ban will have quite an impact but then everyone will be smoking in non public places which isn't really fair but I'm sure it will still help people stop anyway."

Zara, 11, Preston

"I think it is a really good idea as every time I walk down the street in town I'm bound to walk past somebody smoking. My friends and I always hold our breath (I know it sounds stupid) because I've read it's also dangerous to inhale fumes."

Abi, 12, Swansea

"I think smoking is bad because it makes you smell, it isn't good for you and it takes precious time off your life.

Fiona, 10, Skipton

"The ban came to Scotland last year and it has shown really positive results. Smoking doesn't only harm smokers it harms the people who breathe it in too so hopefully in England non smokers will be able to breathe cleaner air, like Scotland."

Becca, 13, Edinburgh

"I like the ban and think it will reduce the amount of children who suffer from the effects of breathing in smokers' smoke."

Katy, 10, Leeds

"I think the smoking ban is completely pointless because everyone who wants to smoke will just smoke right outside, and you'll have to walk through all the smoke to get in and out of the building, which is just as bad as smoking yourself."

Ashleigh, 11, Gateshead

"Smoking should be banned because it can make children do it in the future and it doesn't help global warming."

Hayden, 10, England

"I think this is one of the best things that the Prime Minister could have done. It will probably make a lot of people stop as well as they won't be bothered to buy cigarettes just for the house. I hope that this ban will cut down the number of people who get lung cancer.

Charlotte, 12, Retford

"Smoking is a really harmful habit for your health, yet addictive. I hope that the new ban will be effective."

Luna, 10, America

"I am pleased about the smoking ban in public places but I'm concerned that people will smoke more at home or in the streets. Wouldn't it be better if cigarettes were banned from being sold?"

Amy, 13, Hampshire

"This ban is great, but people will still smoke at home. It will decrease the amount of cigarettes per day but not the number of smokers. I think children are still at risk even with the ban as their family will smoke more at home."

Emski, 12, Liverpool

"I live in Ireland and we already have the smoking ban. It's great! It makes going into to public places much more pleasurable."

Kate, 12, Ireland

"I'm very glad that smoking is banned in public places, but now people are smoking in the streets and yesterday someone blew smoke into my face - I have asthma."

Keera, 11, London

"I think smoking is a disgusting habit. I don't see why it's not banned altogether. It puts yourself and others around you in danger."

Kitty, 11, Milton Keynes

"I think that making cigarettes should be banned. That way, no one would be able to smoke."

Kate, 11, Neath-Portalbot

"I think it's really good to ban smoking in public, it allows the habitants of Britain to breathe!"

Rachael, 11, Paris

"If people are going to smoke outside, that will just create more pollution and as you seeing people smoking outside makes children want to smoke."

Serene, 13, London

"I live in Scotland and we already have the ban. It's really good, but if you walk past a pub you have to hold your breath because of all the smokers outside!"

Michael, 12, Kirkcaldy

"I don't think it is good because you can still smoke in your house, and then people are going to smoke more at home with their children."

Roxanne, 11, Torquay

"The only reason smoking is not illegal is because the government make so much money from the sales and purchases of cigarettes!"

Francesca, 11, Wolverhampton

"I think it is one of the best laws yet! It will improve the health of people around you and maybe cut the amount of smoking in public. I hope it proves successful."

Alisha, 13, Luton

"It's a brilliant move. It encourages people to kick the habit and it will give us all some fresh air in buildings. Because I live in London there's a constant smoky smell mixed with car exhaust and after a bout of travel sickness...ick. I think I will be able to stand and breathe now."

Osnat, 11, London

"I can't wait! I have a little brother and we are always worried about him inhaling smoke from others. It means that we'll be able to go to any restaurant we like now, because we won't worry about the smokers. I hope it send a message to all the smokers and it might tell them to GIVE UP!"

Lizzie, 11, Solihull

"I think that it is a good thing that smoking is banned in public areas because 2nd hand smoke can be very dangerous."

Justin, 13, Cwmbran

"Smoking should be banned because you can get lung cancer."

Christian, 12, Bedford

"As I suffer from asthma, I think they should ban smoking in public places altogether or have a small smoking area for people away from the public, rather than smoking right under peoples' noses."

Leah, 10, Manchester

"My granddad has just recently stopped smoking after about 40 years. It's fantastic, he uses the patches you stick on your arm to get rid of the craving, and now I can sit or stand right by him without wheezing. WHOOPEEE!"

Danielle, 13, Trentum

"Smoking is disgusting. It's full of nasty chemicals so I think its a great idea that they are going to ban it!"

Molly, 12, Blandford

"I think it is brilliant as smoking always spoils it when you go out for a meal."

David, 13, Weymouth

"I think the smoking ban will help smokers to quit. My mum smokes indoors and me and my sister have been asking her to give up. She almost did but she couldn't help it. But now she is considering stopping. I hope it will help the younger smokers quit too."

Sarah, 12, Brighton

"I don't like the smell of smoke - it makes me feel sick. I am glad the smoking ban is coming!"

Sarah, 13, Bexhill

"My mum smokes, but the ban won't make any difference to me or my brothers and sister because she will just smoke at home."

Sumaia, 11, Feltham

"Banning smoking in public areas is a good idea, but I think we should ban it altogether!"

Toni, 12, Erdington

"Banning smoking is good because nobody will be allowed to smoke in any shops. Smoking leaves a bad smell in places. We should not be allowed to smoke in any markets/shops."

Kesean, 11, London

"I think the ban is a good idea because we want to get rid of second-hand smoke."

Dale, 12, Bolton

"I think it is pointless because there will be more litter and it won't stop people smoking."

Oliver, 13, Mirfield

"We think the smoking ban is a really good thing. It will cut down passive smoking, lung cancer and will save lives - Yay!"

Form 7S, 12, Wendover

"I hate it when people smoke. Me and my friends tend to hold our breath or start coughing when we walk past someone smoking. It was only when I started secondary school that I realised how many teenagers smoke. I think its wrong!"

Abigail, 12, Hertfordshire

"I am glad smoking is going to be stopped in public places. I always cough heavily when someone smokes around me."

Leah, 10, Scarborough

"It means that asthma conditions may improve and we will be able to go into cafes without having to breathe in the smoke from someone else's cigarette. It may also mean that not as many people will smoke in the future and it might persuade people who already smoke to reduce the amount of cigarettes that they smoke a day."

Mia, 13, London

"I think banning smoking has it's ups and downs. Like if it's a restaurant then don't smoke but in a pub you should be allowed."

Liam, 12, Nottingham

"I think smoking is really bad for you but if you have asthma it makes it even worse."

Ben, 9, Chippenham

"The smoking ban will be a good thing in my family because my mum hates smoke and she can't go in many restaurants because they allow smoking."

David, 11, Leicester

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