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Last Updated: Friday June 29 2007 06:02 GMT

England prepares for smoking ban

Cigarette being stubbed out in an ashtray

Smoking in public places will soon be banned across the whole of the UK.

Smoking is expensive and really bad for you, but loads of people still do it. It's hoped the ban will help smokers to stop and persuade kids not to start.

It will come into force in England on 1 July. Scotland was the first place to introduce it in 2006, followed by Wales and Northern Ireland in April 2007.

But some people are worried it will mean your family will smoke more at home, where it can affect you too.

At the moment, people can smoke in lots of enclosed public places, like shopping centres, restaurants, cafes and work places, but that will stop from 1 July.

Over the past three months in Northern Ireland, children have been able to see what effect the ban has had.


Jeffrey, 10, thinks the ban is really good, but says everyone is smoking on the streets now instead.

Shannon, 10, has really bad asthma and thinks it has definitely been a good thing.

"Before the smoking ban, if I was in a cafe my mum would be smoking so I would have to go out of the cafe. Now the smoking ban has come in, I don't have to."

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