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Last Updated: Thursday January 11 2007 06:09 GMT

Website to show rare rhino birth

Mum Sita

Web watchers from around the world will be able to see a unique moment - when a rare black rhino becomes a mum.

It's the first baby for Sita and looks set to weigh anything up to 36kg - that's the same as 36 bags of sugar!

It will also be the first time a rhino birth has been captured on film and the first black rhino born at Paignton Zoo in Devon.

Black rhinos are very rare so everyone is really excited about the new baby, which is expected in February.

Net surfers will be able to watch the baby arrive through the BBC Devon website.

Mum Sita - who has been pregnant for nearly 15 months - is due to have her baby in the rhino house with experts nearby just to make sure she's OK.

Baby rhino

The zoo's curator of mammals, Neil Bemment, said: "She is a first-time mum, so we are all a little nervous.

"We hope that she will give birth successfully and rear the calf herself, but we are ready to step in and hand-rear if we must."

All five species of rhino are endangered, and it's thought there are only 3,100 black rhinos living in east and southern Africa.

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