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Last Updated: Tuesday September 11 2007 15:24 GMT

Book Review: Half Moon Investigations

Half Moon Investigations

Eoin Colfer

Publication date

5 July 2007

The story

Fletcher Moon is a proper, qualified detective - so what if he is only 12!

But he forgets the rules about detectives NOT getting involved with the case when a series of mysterious crimes unfold at his school.

And then one thing leads to the other - a broken nose, a pierced ear, a tattoo, ginger hair, being arrested for arson - and then escaping from the law!

It's a fast-moving, funny plot which keeps you turning over every page!

The characters

Fletcher Moon - or Half Moon as he is known - is the main character who gets into all sorts of scrapes in the line of investigation.

The main baddies are the ginger-haired Sharkeys, mainly Red and his little brother Herod - but are they as rotten as they seem?

There's also a gaggle of pink-loving girls who belong to a club called Les Jeunes Etudiantes.


This is a really exciting book and it's hard to choose a best bit, but I think the part when Fletcher is being driven to the police station, with broken nose, and escapes police custody with the help of Red Sharkey - on a bike - wearing a balaclava!

Any weak bits?

No, none at all. After all, this is the author who brought you the wicked Artemis Fowl series.


Yes! Once you've read page one you'll be hooked - and then wondering when Fletcher Moon's next investigation will begin!

NR rating:
Five out of five

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Your Comments

"My favourite part is the bit where the girl started charging at him with a golf club and things like that. I would recommend this book to people of all ages. Eoin Colfer got me into reading in the first place."

Jonathan, 12, Hertford

"One of the best books I've ever read. Really clever, surprising, and the plot twists make it one of a kind. Eoin Colfer has truly done it again."

Nathan, 12, Toulouse

"I thought that this book was fast-paced and action-packed. I enjoyed reading it because it reminded me a bit of myself in some ways. I would advise people to read this book before they die!"

Hayden, 12, Queenborough

"I absolutely loved the book, I couldn't stop reading it. My favourite characters are Les Jeunes Etudiantes"

Emily, 12, London

"I think it is a good book, but Artemis Fowl is a lot better."

George, 10, Reading

"You either love Eoin Colfer or you need your head seen to! Completely unputdownable, I love it!"

Laura, 12, London

"Once I started reading this, I absolutely couldn't stop!!! And once I finished it, I started it right over again. My favourite characters are definitely the Les Jeunes Etudiantes!"

Hailey, 12

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