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Last Updated: Friday June 29 2007 04:51 GMT

The smoking ban will make my life better


There is already a smoking ban in public places in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. And it's about to become law in England too.

Press Packer Isabelle is pleased about it and here she tells us why.

"I have asthma.

By having asthma it means that I get out of breath a lot quicker than most other children.

I also have to take medication often.

Out of breath

The smoking ban in public places will help me and my asthma massively!

Press Packer Isabelle
My asthma can be triggered by the smoke from cigarettes so this will mean I am less likely to get out of breath in public places.

Coughing fit

I think smoking is disgusting and I hate it when I am eating a meal and the person next to me is smoking.

It sets me off in a huge hysterical coughing fit.

It will be much more pleasant eating out and being in public places once the ban has been put in place.

I'm glad that the public's health and safety has come first over people enjoyment of cigarettes."

Isabelle, 11, Sussex

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