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Last Updated: Thursday June 28 2007 05:17 GMT

In pictures: Doctor Who series finale

John Simm as Harold Saxon

Harold Saxon seems to be the one with all the power at the moment, but what does the final episode of series three - Last of the Time Lords - have in store for him?


Martha escaped before he could capture her at the end of The Sound of Drums, but she's got no idea where she is now.

Martha and Milligan

Maybe this man can help. He's called Milligan and Martha looks pretty happy to see him. But can he be trusted?


Back in the space station, the Master's wife Lucy is keeping an eye on what's going on.

Captain Jack

Captain Jack's not happy. He's come back to life to find he's been tied up.

Captain Jack

Can Martha's sister Tish help him? He doesn't look convinced.

Still from Doctor Who

Looks like Martha's found a way back to her family but who or what has given them such a fright? And will she be able to save them?

Harold Saxon, The Doctor and Martha

So many questions and still no sign of the Doctor! You'll have to catch the full episode on BBC1, on Saturday 30 June, to find out what happens.

Doctor Who
Matt Smith as The Doctor




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