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Last Updated: Tuesday July 10 2007 18:39 GMT

Our dad is a soldier in Iraq

Amy and Fraser

Press Packers Amy and Fraser's dad is a soldier serving in Basra in southern Iraq. They tell us what it's like when your dad has to work in a war zone.

"Our dad is working in Iraq for six months. It's really difficult not being able to see him and we really miss him when he's not around.

He's coming back in August because he has some leave and we can't wait to see him. We're going to go on some trips and spend time together as a family.

It's the second time that he's been in Iraq and it's easier this time. It's really hard when he first goes away though because you expect him to be there and we also have to do more jobs around the house.

Special occasions

Birthdays are really hard without our dad. He tries to phone us, but sometimes he can't because he's too busy. He wasn't here for Father's Day either, but we sent him a card and some other stuff.

The news

When we hear things on the news about what's going on in Iraq, we get really worried, but we try not to think about it.

We try to remember that he's doing the job that he enjoys and that he's doing it for the country. We're really proud of him and we don't know how we'd cope if something happened to him.

Friends' support

Our friends are really supportive because lots of them also have dads in the Army. We all stick together and we comfort each other when we get worried or upset.

We're really looking forward to the trouble ending because then we'll know that our dad won't have to go back to Iraq.

We can't wait for him to come home for good. We're going to give him a really big hug and make sure that he helps us with our homework!

Amy, 14, and Fraser, 11, Salisbury

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