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Last Updated: Tuesday September 11 2007 15:23 GMT

Game review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


This review was written by Ellie, 11, from Petersfield



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This game is amazing because there are so many different tasks to do: find members of Dumbledore's Army, help Colin Creevey get his new camera, help Ernie MacMillan obtain potion ingredients and much more.


It's different to the other Harry Potter games because you can go anywhere and do anything. You can chat to any of the characters whenever you want. And there is a huge choice of characters you can play as.


I'd never used a wireless controller before and I found it a bit tricky to start with but I quickly got the hang of casting spells.

A few parts of the game were difficult, especially levitating the benches in the courtyard. The instructions are easy to follow, but the tasks are sometimes a bit long-winded.


The graphics are amazing, everything looks so real. The Hogwarts Castle graphics are so life-like, the detail is great - every single brick is different so it looks really authentic. The facial graphics are fantastic - you can see every pimple and frown!

Lots of the real actors' voices from the films are used in the game too.


Memorising what to do for each spell was tricky, but not so hard that it ruined the game. Moving the characters around was easy.

Hit or miss?

Hit. I've loved all the books and this game is FANTASTIC - it really feels like you're there! Sit tight in your seat and wait till you experience the intro - it will absolutely blow you away. You will never tire of this game. It also has loads of mini games. A BIG HIT! Top marks!

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Your Comments

"At first I wasn't convinced, but when the story developed I fell into the game and couldn't stop playing it! Fantastic graphics, very impressed."

Daniel, 13, Birmingham

"This is the best game in the world! I really, really, really like it! My favourite mini game is wizard chess."

Aaron, 8, Street

"I think that the game is great. Personally, I loved the part where you have to find Colin Creevey's camera. It was a real challenge and I would recommend this game to people between 7 and 15 as it was absolutely fantastic!"

Kate, 11, Manchester

"I think this is the best Potter game yet. I liked being able to explore all of Hogwarts and the grounds. I would give this game 5 stars."

Marianne, 11, Louisiana, USA

"I've played the game and it is very easy to do if you are determined. You can often forget spells because there are so many. 1 or 2 of the tasks are difficult and the game becomes boring if you can't do them. Otherwise it is the best interactive game for the Wii yet and I recommend it."

Paddy, 12, Chesterfield

"This is one of the best games ever, the graphics are brilliant! My favourite task is finding the gargoyles - 10/10!"

Danny, 13, Hull

"BRILLIANT! My favourite out of all 5 games! It's really fun finding all the members of the DA because if you find it too hard or boring you can do something else! And the graphics are AMAZING!! Best HP game EVER! A big hit!"

Bonnie, 11, Plymouth

"Hogwarts - pretty amazing. They've done the Grand Staircase justice this time, but one problem with Hogwarts in general - it's just so big! I don't know where I'm going most of the time, and I need to use the map all the time. Using the wand is really irritating, I can't get the hang of it - despite all the good reviews of this game, I'm quite disappointed. The previous games (leaving out Goblet of Fire) were better, because you were able to find your way around and using spells was easy."

Amy, 13, Ayr

"The game is fantastic on the Wii - the motion sensitive controls make you feel like a real wizard!"

Jake, 11, Blackpool

"I think the game is fantastic. The graphics are brill."

Evo, 12, Manchester

"It's a great game. My favourite task is finding Colin Creevey's camera."

Alicia, 8, Farsley

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