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Last Updated: Tuesday June 26 2007 15:46 GMT

Storms threaten to burst dam


Heavy rain and flooding are still causing huge problems across the UK.

Hundreds of people have had to leave their homes near Rotherham in south Yorkshire as experts fear the Ulley reservoir dam could burst its banks.

Torrential rain has made the reservoir level dangerously high and experts are trying to stop it getting any higher.

Elsewhere, at least three people have been killed in the storms which have also caused flooding in north and central England and the north of Wales.

Loads of schools have had to close, and there's been travel chaos across the UK as roads were flooded and rail services were cancelled or heavily delayed.

Rosa, 12, told Newsround they couldn't get out when her school in Exeter was flooded.

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Heavy seas at Tynemouth

"We were so annoyed because it was our last lesson and we couldn't get home," she said. "We looked outside the windows to see the basketball court was like a swimming pool - it was so deep!"

Jess, 13, in Hornsea, was also sent home from school. She said: "Half the people at my school live in villages in the surrounding area and because the roads were so flooded, a journey that would normally take 20 minutes took 1 hour and a half!"

Flood warnings

In Sheffield, about 900 people are staying in emergency shelters after they stranded by the floods.

In Shropshire, a bridge in Ludlow has collapsed causing street lights to fall over and about 20 houses have been evacuated.

Weather experts say the heavy rain is over, but flood warnings are in still in place in lots of areas because it's taking a long time for all the water to drain away.

Engineers are trying to make sure the Ulley Dam doesn't burst by pumping as much water as they can to other places.

Locals who have been moved from their homes are sheltering in a nearby school.

But what's it like where you are? Are there cars stuck in water, trees beaten down by the downpour or have you had to leave your house