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Last Updated: Monday January 08 2007 10:04 GMT

My face appeared in a computer game!

Some of Press Packer Zara's 3D heads

Press Packer Zara has been testing out a new piece of technological kit called Digimask - it creates a 3D version of your face which can appear in computer games or emails.

In her report Zara tells us how her face was created and what it felt like to see herself in a computer game!

"I got to test out some new technology that can create 3D talking heads for picture messages, emails or computer games.

Making my head!

This in one of the photos of Zara that was used to create her virtual 3D face!
This in one of the photos of Zara that was used to create her virtual 3D face!
We took two photos - one from the front and one from the side.

Then we marked points on the photos where there were bulges. For example we marked points on my nose, chin, ears and the top of my head.

These points were used to make it 3D.

Afterwards we recorded my voice and added the sound.


It definitely looked like me. I was quite shocked when I saw it - I wasn't used to seeing my face looking like that.

And it was weird seeing myself in a computer!

You can make your 3D face show different emotions which is really funny!

Phone face

I'd use the Digimask on my phone so that I could send pictures to my friends.

I think everyone would enjoy using it because you can make your face look really weird! I definitely reckon it will catch on!"

Zara, 11, Leicester

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