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Last Updated: Wednesday January 03 2007 19:04 GMT

What is the Doctor Who Saxon mystery?

David Tennant

The third series of Dr Who is still a few months away, but have we already been given a few clues about what one of the main storylines could be? Lizo has a few ideas:

In the episode Love & Monsters in series two, a newspaper headline said 'Saxon leads poll with 64%'.

And last year, talking about the episode, Head Writer Russell T. Davies told fans to watch out for a headline.

Who is Mr Saxon?

In The Runaway Bride, just before the tank fired at the star shaped spaceship the driver said "Orders from Mr Saxon. Fire at will".

And posters saying 'Vote Saxon' have been spotted in other Dr Who related filming.

So what, if anything, can it all mean? Well Russell T. Davies is probably the only person who knows.

Just before Christmas he was busy writing episode 12 of series three. And the last few episodes could explain what it's all about.

Is he a politician?

But fans have already been coming up with theories. Many think that Mr Saxon is a mysterious politician who comes up against The Doctor.

Or that it's a clue that old Dr Who monsters from the original series called Axons might be returning. If you rearrange the letters of Saxon, you get Axons.

Part of the success of the last two series of Doctor Who have been secret themes that have only been revealed at the end of the series.

Bad Wolf and Torchwood

In series one the words Bad Wolf kept appearing throughout the series. And in series two there were lots of references to Torchwood.

The third series of Dr Who is filming at the moment, and should hit our screens in a few months time.

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