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Last Updated: Friday December 08 2006 18:48 GMT

Gamers frustrated by Wii shortage

The Nintendo Wii goes on sale

The Nintendo Wii games console has gone on sale in the UK, but some people are reporting a shortage of the machine.

Lots of people ordered the Wii in advance, but the BBC has been told some of them haven't received their console - and won't get one before Christmas.

More than four million Wiis will be sold around the world this year, and 50,000 were sold in the UK in 12 hours

Nintendo hope the Wii will be really popular with families and have tried to make games that are fun to play.

Both Nintendo and the shops which sell the console say it's not their fault people haven't got their machine.

The console has a special type of controller which uses the way you move your hand rather than just buttons to control what happens on screen.

Gamers queuing to buy a Nintendo Wii
Gamers queued outside shops to buy a Nintendo Wii
It's the second next generation console to come out in the UK. The Xbox 360 was released last year, and the PS3 is out in March.

A 17-year-old student was the first person in the UK to buy one after spending two nights in a tent on the street.

Marwan said: "This is the first time that you can pick one up, so I just had to be here.

"I have been camping out here, but at the same time some of my friends have been camping out waiting for me to get my hands on it."

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