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Last Updated: Saturday December 30 2006 11:59 GMT

Huge ice chunk breaks off in sea

Ice in the Canadian Arctic (Pic: Science Photo Library)

A massive ice shelf has broken off an island in the Canadian Arctic and could cause chaos when it starts floating away, scientists have warned.

The chunk of ice, which is 25 miles wide, might have broken off because global warming is making the world hotter, so more ice is melting.

If the ice starts floating into areas where ships go, it could cause big problems.

It's thought to be the largest ice break for 25 years.

The ice broke off back in August 2005 but has only just been spotted.

At the moment, the ice shelf can't do much damage, as the Arctic is frozen up for the winter, the scientists say. But once the sea ice melts next summer, the block of ice could start moving about and causing damage.

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