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Last Updated: Thursday December 07 2006 17:15 GMT

In pictures: Tornado hits London

Paul Da Silva sent in this image

Rooftops were ripped off and cars were badly damaged as a tornado hit north west London on Thursday. Many people took pictures and sent them to the BBC. Here's what they saw...

Paul Da Silva sent in this image

A fallen tree blocks the road. Lots of trees were ripped up by the strong winds

Elizabeth Murgia took this picture

Emergency services raced to the scene, and cleared people out of the area

Elizabeth Murgia took this picture

Although there was lots of damage, only a few people were hurt. But many people were really shocked

Richard Mosquera sent us this

Walls were torn down by the powerful winds. You can see inside this house

David Minogue took this one

Crowds gathered to see what had happened - tornadoes don't hit the UK very often

Matt Hill sent this one

The emergency services take a rest, with refreshments from The Salvation Army

Sent in by Ian Carter

An empty pushchair in the wreckage. Now there's the big task of clearing up