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Last Updated: Friday December 29 2006 17:58 GMT

In pictures: The trial of Saddam Hussein

Fallen statue

April 2003 - a statue of Saddam Hussein is pulled down after the American army take control of Iraq

Saddam captured

December 2003 - the American army find Saddam, who had been hiding in a tiny room at a farmhouse near his hometown of Tikrit.

Saddam is taken to court

July 2004 - Saddam goes to court for the first time as he is accused of crimes during war and of killing people

Saddam appears in a specially-built court

October 2005 - Saddam appears in a specially-built court with seven other men accused of killing 148 people in 1982. Saddam says he did not kill the people

Saddam is sentenced to death by hanging

November 2006 - Judges at the court sentence Saddam Hussein to death by hanging after finding that he carried out the killings. Saddam asks the judges to change their minds about the death sentence

People celebrate the court's decision

November 2006 - But people who do not like Saddam Hussein are happy that he has been found guilty

Supporters of Saddam

November 2006 - some people who support Saddam are unhappy and protest against the decision

Saddam Hussein

December 2006 - a judge listens to Saddam's appeal against his death sentence but decides that Saddam will still be killed

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