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Last Updated: Thursday December 28 2006 15:20 GMT

Vote: What book series are you into?

Kids reading

It's a boom time for kids literature, but some of the big book series are coming to an end - or have already finished!

This year saw the 13th and final Lemony Snicket book and Ptolemy's Gate wrapped up the Bartimaeus Trilogy.

JK Rowling has just revealed that the seventh and final book in her best-selling series will be called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The release date hasn't been announced, but there are rumours that it will come out in summer 2007.

It's got us thinking about the other book series fans will be turning their attention to.

Which authors will keep you turning the pages?

Vote here - and if you don't see your fave, email us with your suggestions using the form on the right.


Which book series are you into?

Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer


Alex Rider - Anthony Horowitz


Young Bond - Charlie Higson


Tracy Beaker - Jacqueline Wilson


3924 Votes Cast

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Thanks for your suggestion. We'll try to put up some of your best ideas.

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