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Last Updated: Tuesday December 05 2006 16:46 GMT

'Office' to be built on the Moon

The moon

The American space agency NASA wants to build a new office - on the Moon!

Astronauts will stay there for several months at a time and it could be used to help them get to Mars.

The last time that we walked on the Moon was long before you were born, back in the 1970s. Nasa hopes to start flying back there in 2020.

A new spaceship called Orion - which is set to replace the Shuttle - will take the base's first astronauts to their out-of-this-world home.

They will be able to carry out scientific research that can't be done here on Earth.

Moon eclipse

They'll also be able to find out more about our planet by observing it for long periods from space, as well as using the base to try to find out more about the solar system.

The most exciting part of the plan is that Nasa is aiming to eventually use the base as somewhere that can be used to prepare for its biggest mission yet - sending astronauts to the planet Mars.