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Last Updated: Sunday December 24 2006 14:20 GMT

Cow pat power makes farm's energy


A college has come up with a green way of keeping its farm going - it's using cow pats to make electricity!

The mucky stuff gives off a gas called methane, which Walford and North Shropshire College uses to power a machine which makes electricity.

The college students are learning about farming. The pats from their cows are used to make the energy.

"We actually get enough energy to supply the farm's electricity for a year," said a college spokesman.

Using the dung for energy also stops methane getting into the environment.

Methane makes up about 7% of the UK's greenhouse gases - the stuff that traps heat in the atmosphere, causing global warming.

Cow pat power is already used at more than 1,000 farms in Germany.

Only a few UK farms have taken it up, but it's hoped it will become more popular because it's good for the environment.

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