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Last Updated: Monday December 04 2006 16:02 GMT

Rainforests protected by new laws

Rainforest in Brazil

Huge areas of rainforest in Brazil are getting special protection to stop them being chopped down.

A government official in Brazil has announced that an area of 63,320 sq miles - that's bigger than England - will be protected by the new laws.

High-tech satellite systems will keep an eye on the area to make sure that no-one breaks the laws.

It's good news for endangered species that live in the forest, like the giant otter and northern bearded saki monkey.

Baby giant anteater lives in the Brazilian rainforest
Other animals that will benefit include the jaguar, giant anteater, black spider monkey and macaw parrots.

The new reserve will be made up of nine areas of the rainforest which form a huge 'corridor' of protected land through northern Brazil.

Environmental campaigners have said they're pleased with the announcement describing it as "the greatest effort in history" towards protecting the area.