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Last Updated: Wednesday December 06 2006 14:42 GMT

Hotseat: Seven Continents Tanvi

Tanvi lives in India

Tanvi, 12, lives in India with her family.

She's one of seven kids from around the world Newsround has been chatting to about the world you're growing up in.

They're sharing their hopes and fears, and telling you about their lives.

We put your questions to Tanvi, and here are some of the best:

What is the most common hobby in India?
Rhys, 11, Glasgow
The most common hobby in India is playing cricket and watching movies.

What's the best thing about living in India?
Jordan, 13, Reading
The best thing about living in India is that we are a democracy and the other great things are the food and culture.

Have any bad things happened to you in your life?
Jodie, 9, Bristol
Fortunately, nothing bad has happened in my life.

What kind of things do you do when it rains? Here we go to the cinema or something, so what do you do?
Stephanie, 13, St Clements
In Bangalore where I live it hardly rains, and even when it does rain it doesn't rain for very long. So when it rains we just get on with our daily lives.

Is there any racism where you live? At my school I think some people are very racist. I try to stop them, but they carry on.
Joel, 11, Gerrards Cross
In my school there is no racism problem and even in the whole of India there isn't a big problem with racism. But there are problems with caste and religion.

What are the pollution levels in your country? Ours are very high.
Jasmine, 12, Nottingham
In cities the pollution is very high but there is much less when you enter the rural areas.

Do you get you house broken into or is your town secure?
Alicia, 13, Telford
Our town is quite secure, and burglars in our town usually only steal when you are out of your house.

I have never been to India but some of my relatives are in Kashmir. What is the worst thing about schools in India?
Rabia, 12, Dubai
I feel there is nothing bad about the schools in India. All the schools in India are like the schools all over the world.

What's the normal age for a man and a woman to get married in India?
Maisy, 13, Warwick
The legal age for a man is 21 and for a woman 18. Normally people get married between the ages of 25 and 30.

What is the weather like in India?
Rosie, 10, Bristol
The weather is different all over India. For example in Delhi, the weather in the summer is very hot and in the winter it is very cold. In Bangalore the weather is around the same during the whole year, but it is slightly hotter in the summer and slightly colder in the winter. It is also very pleasant in Bangalore because we are situated on the Deccan Plateau and we are around 1000m above sea level.

I live in Ireland and I'd like to know how an average day in your life would compare to mine.
Aisling, 12, Dunboyne
Well an average day for me would be to get up, get ready and go to school and when I come back I eat something and watch a bit of TV, go online and chat with my friends. Later on I do my homework eat dinner and at around 10pm or 11pm I go to sleep.

If you were granted ONE wish to change the whole world what would your wish be?
Priya, 13, Birmingham
My wish would be to make the whole world equal and to make every country as developed as each other.

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