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Last Updated: Saturday December 23 2006 17:12 GMT

Should skinny models be banned?

On the catwalk

Child models and those who are too skinny are being banned from taking part in fashion shows in Italy.

Do you think the ban should be brought in everywhere?

Are models a bad influence on kids? Maybe you think the models need to be thin to show off the clothes?

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Your Comments

I don't think they should be banned, but I don't think it makes them better by being sticks.
Charlotte, 11, Cheshire

I don't know why normal-sized people can't walk on the catwalk. Also, why can't models wear clothes that people can actually wear in town or in public?
Joelle, 12, Banstead

They should use a range of model sizes so the models aren't all the same so people won't be clones.
Sarah, 12, Enfield

I think everybody should be treated the same. It doesn't matter what they look like, it matters what they are on the inside.
Aimee, 10, Colchester

This is briliant. I want this to happen in the UK! Only the skinny people get through and the well-built people are treated unfairly!
Rosalyn, 12, Inverness

The thought of skinny models and child models is just ridiculous. It's just a bad influence. I think the minimum size should be 8-10.
Jumana, 14, London

I think that they were sensible to introduce the code. It will now encourage more people to think about being the appropriate weight.
Rachel, 11, Swindon

I think that it should be all right to have skinny models as long as you mix in other types of models.
Emma, 10, Hamilton

It's ok to be naturally skinny but it's bad for your health to make yourself skinny.
Amy, 9, Cheltenham

Skinny models are a bad influence, but if they're naturally skinny, how can they help it? The only thing that really matters is that you get a balanced diet, enough excersise, and enjoy life! I'm thin, but not THAT thin.
MJ, North Harrow

I agree they should be size 10 or more because all my friends talk about is losing weight and what size they are. I think they are fine - it's driving me nuts.
Emily, 11

Girls shouldn't be too easily influenced by people in the first place, they should think for themselves, so if the models want to be thin it's their life at the end of the day.
Nadia, 13, Wolverhampton

I reckon that models should be a size 10 or more, not too big and not a ridiculous size zero.
Natalie, 11

I think plus-sized models should be used as well as normal, healthy models because it prevents young teenagers thinking they need to lose weight.
Caitie, 13, Lincolnshire

I think if you are too skinny - even if you are a model or not - it is not healthy. I think Italy did the right thing banning the skinny models!
Rachael, 10, London

I think it's ridiculous that people would want to be that skinny. It's a bad influence on teenage girls.
Lauren, 11, Bridgwater

I think that this is a very good idea, and I hope that it gets passed on to other countries.
Emily, 11, Redhill

I think it isn't fair that someone out there is losing their job over all of this. Yes, I think that some models are a bit too thin but also some are naturally thin. We have to remember that they are all humans and need to earn a living somehow!
Laura, 13, Manchester

I think all shapes and sizes should be models if they want to. I also think some women risk their lives just to be a model!
Lola, 8, London

I think that they should, because other people who want to be like them are putting themselves in danger of dying, or getting an illnes because they are not having a balanced diet and not eating the essential vitamins you should have a day . They are torturing their body because they are not feeding it properly!
Molly, 9, Darlington

It is definitely a bad influence on younger people, as being THAT skinny is basically being unhealthy. I think if you are not too skinny but not too large, then it's OK.
Ellie, 11

Of course, skinny models should be banned EVERYWHERE! Skinny models are risking their lives...
Lauren, 9, Rochdale

I think that skinny models should be used and also other models who aren't skinny.
Marriam, 10, Leicester

I think normal-sized models should be used for all fashion shows. It's almost impossible to be as thin as the ones at the moment.
Carrie, 11, Milton Keynes

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