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Last Updated: Friday January 26 2007 17:31 GMT

What do you think of the Potter 7 title?

Harry Potter books

JK Rowling has revealed that the title of the seventh Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

What do you think of it? Do you think there are any clues in the title?

And now you know what it's called, do you feel more or less excited about reading it?

Email us and let us know!

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Your Comments

I think it is a brilliant title because its very secretive.
Ruth, 10, Trim

It doesn't sound too bad - it definitely captures the significance, darkness and perhaps, tragic death, of the final book.
Emily, 13, Maidstone

Finally! The title has been announced and it sounds the best so far. From the title I sense that there is a very sinister, intriguing plot and I cannot wait until the book comes out!
Chris, 13, Barrmill

Phoebe, 8, Huddersfield

The name sounds so much more scary than the others. It's a name that when you say it gets you thinking. I can't wait to read it.
Anna, 13, Huddersfield

I'm not into Harry but I can tell this book might not be as good as the rest because its title isn't that great!
Alice, 9, Wigan

It is satisfactory, however dull and rather tedious.
Josh, 13, Louth

It is an interesting title. Hopefully it will be a great book! I'm so excited. Unfortunately all definitions of the word Hallows seem to have been wiped from the face of the earth. I am so looking forward to this book!
Philippa, 13, Darington

It sounds scary but I am twitching to get in there and get it!
Lana, 11, Belfast

I cant wait to read the new book! You can tell by the title there is a lot of death in it but to me it sounds really exciting I cant wait!
Emily, 12, Warrington

I think the name is fantastic! It sounds very dark and mysterious! I am really excited now!
Eloise, 12, Norwich

I think it's awful, I'm sure J.K. Rowling could think of a much better title than that for the final instalment of Harry Potter. But at least it doesn't give much away about the plot or the way it ends!
Harriet, Southampton

I see no point in trying to guess what this could mean. JKR's plots are so imaginative I doubt anyone but her could make it up.
Emma, 13, Essex

I think as JK Rowling has worked through the books she's gone further and further from the mark. I don't think the title is very realistic and I definitely won't be the first in line to buy the new book.
Abigail, 12, Surrey

My best friend Alan and I are really excited about it!
Fifi, 10, Glasgow

My excitement is uncontainable!
Nelson, 10, South Africa

It's very mysterious and it sounds great. It sounds weird though, but so did Half Blood Prince when that was first announced. We'll just have to wait and see.
Miley, 13, Birmingham

I was sooo excited! What could it all mean? I think the hangman game is a great way to reveal the title!
Laura, 13, Manchester

It's great and now I'm really excited! Can't wait 'til the book finally comes out...
Leeanne, 13, Birmingham

It sounds really dark and scary. I can't wait till the book comes out!
Faye, 11, Liverpool

Drat! This puts a stop to my theories...but I wonder...Deathly Hallows? Hallows is like hall or another big place, so maybe that's where the final showdown will happen.
Emz, 12, Reading

Ever since I finished book six I couldn't wait to read book seven. Now the title for seven has been confirmed I'm really surprised, I wonder what it means.
Jimmy, 12, Tolworth

It's a very mysterious title and it makes us all wonder. I do agree it sound a bit scary and sinister though...
Jess, 12, Tonbridge

Ooh! Exciting (and also rather morbid)! I don't think it matches up to the other's titles though, but the book will hopefully be better than them!
Elizabeth, 12, Lancaster

I don't think it is a good title because it doesn't explain the book.
Emer, 8, Shrewsbury

It sounds like the final book will be much darker than the others.
Artie, 8, USA

I dunno... It sounds kinda scary but exciting... I just hope it has a happy ending...
Emma, 13, London

It doesn't match up to the other titles. I think it's going to be a great book but I'm not too keen on the title.
Tessa, 11, Harrow

The title gives an opportunity for a great story, but I agree that it does sound a bit sinister; brilliant!
Patrick, 13, Tunbridge Wells

It's fantastic news! I was soooooo happy when I found out that I couldn't stop jumping up and down!
Thari, 13, London

Erm...random....not what I expected.
Melissa, 13, Leeds

I think the title's okay but you can't judge a book by its cover nor by its title.
Will, 11, Bedford

Yes! I think it's really....exciting! And it keeps you thinking and guessing!
Ellie, 11, Mirfield

I don't really like the sound of it, it's not even scary.
Omar, 13, Wembley

I think that it is good but it could have been better. It sounds a little bit like there wont be any action.
Saima, 12, Burnley

I don't really like it. I don't think it's as mysterious as the other titles.
Mary, 13

This is going to be deadly.
Eric and Tomo, 12, Ireland

Me and all my friends are excited to hear such great news after waiting two years since the Half Blood Prince came out.
Taz, 13, London
I think it's a great name. I hope the book is full of surprises.
Tapot, 13, Mordtafs
It sounds interesting, but a bit sinister...
Harry, 13, Sharnford

It sounds scary. I am SO excited now!
Matt, 9, Cardiff

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