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Last Updated: Thursday December 07 2006 07:56 GMT

Seven Continents: Nicole, Italy

Nicole skiing

Newsround has been taking a special look at the world you're growing up in.

We've been chatting to seven kids from around the world - one from each of the seven continents.

They're sharing their hopes and fears, and telling you about their lives.

Nicole, nine, lives in Trento, Italy. This is her story.

"My house is really big but I don't get it all to myself as I have to share it with tourists who come to visit the area all year round.

It's really important that it snows here. In winter when it's snowing, a lot of people love to come here for their holiday, and that helps my family make money.

However it seems to snow less and less every year which isn't good.

I like skiing but I love snowboarding even more. I've been learning to ski in school since I was five.

It's really good living here because in the winter I can snowboard and in the summer I can go down to the lake to sail and swim.

Because it's so warm, there isn't any snow where I normally ski. I sometimes worry that if the planet continues to get hotter, people won't be able to come here to ski in the future.

The most beautiful thing in my life is my family. They've always looked after me and I want to look after them.

When the weather is really bad, I have to use a snow mobile to get to a nearby village where I can take a bus the rest of the way to school.

I always have to get up early because the bus leaves at 7.20am and if I miss it I can't get to school.

When I'm older I really want to be an actress or a singer because I really enjoy entertaining people.

I feel very lucky to live the way I do. The one thing that I would want to change, if I was in charge of the world, is to make sure that there's peace all over the world.

That way more children can be happy and feel loved like me."

Nicole, nine, Italy

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