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Last Updated: Monday December 04 2006 10:22 GMT

Seven Continents: Barney, Antarctica

Press Packer Barney

Newsround has been taking a special look at the world you're growing up in.

We've been chatting to seven kids from around the world - one from each of the seven continents.

They're sharing their hopes and fears, and telling you about their lives.

Barney has travelled to Antarctica. This is his story.

"When I was seven I went on an expedition to Antarctica. My dad and I went there because we were worried about the pollution and wanted to clean up the area.

I learned a lot from my journey. It made me realise that we have to take care of our environment and respect what we have.

We had to clean up oil drums and used pipes that explorers and workers had left behind.

It made me realise how much damage we were causing to the planet when I saw big ice glaciers fall into the sea.

The Antarctic
The planet is getting warmer which is harming places like the Antarctic and Arctic. It's really scary seeing how we are destroying our planet.

I think we will have stop using fossil fuels as much and switch to things like hydro-electric power.

I try doing things like not dropping litter and switching off lights in our house and tell my friends to do the same.

When I'm older, I hope to be a marine biologist. It's really interesting learning about oceans and you get to travel all over the world. I love everything about the sea.

If I was in charge of the world I would stop global warming getting worse and stop wars happening all over the world.

Every night on the news more and more children are involved in wars in places like Iraq and Israel."

Barney, 12

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