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Last Updated: Monday December 04 2006 10:22 GMT

Seven Continents: Leticia, Brazil

Leticia (red T-shirt) with friends

Newsround has been taking a special look at the world you're growing up in.

We've been chatting to seven kids from around the world - one from each of the seven continents.

They're sharing their hopes and fears, and telling you about their lives.

Leticia lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is her story.

"Every day people die from beatings and gunshots. Everyone is afraid to go out late at night because of violence.

Lots of people are armed all the time, some out of fear and others to kill and fight. That's what it's like the whole time here.

We only buy something when the money is there, otherwise you have to do without.


Here we play and walk alone in the streets. When the rich people want to go out, they have to have bodyguards, drivers and all that fuss.


I live in a yard with all my family. We're stacked together with all my cousins and aunts. We often don't have water after the morning.

The council should fix this - they always promise but they never deliver.

If I could change something it would be the violence - and I would take street children off the streets.


It breaks my heart to see them sleep outside - they need families and love, and they don't have it.

If they had to choose between money and the love of a family, I'm sure they would choose a family.

In the future, I want to be a doctor or a vet, because I love looking after animals and people. I also hope my family and I will be happy."

Leticia, 12, Brazil

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