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Last Updated: Monday December 04 2006 08:09 GMT

Seven Continents: Tanvi, India

Tanvi, lives in Bangalore

Newsround has been taking a special look at the world you're growing up in.

We've been chatting to seven kids from around the world - one from each of the seven continents.

They're sharing their hopes and fears, and telling you about their lives.

Tanvi lives in Bangalore, India.

"When I'm older I really want to be a lawyer. I think I'd make a good lawyer as I enjoy arguing and being able to prove my point.

I love playing football. I used to play in goal but it got very boring and lonely. So I ended up playing as a striker which is better because I'm a good passer of the ball.


Children in India worry about many things including doing well in their studies.

The big thing that worries children in my school is being popular.

They feel that if they are seen as popular so that they don't get bullied and if they do get picked on they've got loads of mates who will help them out.


Sometimes I think it's a bit sad.

If I was in charge of the world I'd want to help poorer countries where a lot of children are dying. I think a lot more hospitals need to be built in parts of Africa.

I would also help the United Nations a lot more. They do important work and help stop fighting all over the world.

The key thing that worries children in India is that a war may soon break out with Pakistan.

I don't understand why religion causes a lot of hate and how it leads to so many wars and people dying."

Tanvi, 12, India

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