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Last Updated: Monday December 11 2006 11:58 GMT

What would you change in the world?

An explosion during a military test

There's so many things that people want to change in the world.

But what would YOU do if you were in charge?

End poverty? Stop wars? Make everyone recycle?

This is one of the issues Newsround is looking at as we try to find out what you think of the world you're growing up in.

Email us now and let us know.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your Comments

If I had to change something in the world I would make sure that there wasn't anymore racism.
Sara, 12, London

I would stop the wars, make everyone recycle, stop racism and bullying and make the world a safer and a luxury place to live in.
Cerys, 8, Uxbridge

I would stop poverty, wars, global warming, crime and bullying.
Chantelle, 11, London

If I had to change something in the world I would make sure that there wasn't anymore racism.
Sara, 12, London

I would stop cruelty to living creatures! I would stop poverty, crime, bullying and pollution!
Laura, 11, Newcastle

If I had one wish to save the world it would be to bring peace to everyone on earth and I would help people who are poor in other countries. Also the pollution is getting really bad, so I would try and stop global warming!
Iona, 10, Newcastle

If I could make one wish to change the world, it would be to stop pollution. I think that it is very important to look after the planet that we live on.
Florence, 12, Luxembourg

I would want the world to stop being racist, end bullying, wars, and cut down pollution. I think to achieve all this there would need to be good leaders, presidents and prime ministers.
Ivanna, 10, London

I would like to stop ALL of the wars and I would not let ANYONE waste food, electricity or water. I would also stop cars being sold to help with global warning.
Miriam, 11, Watford

I would stop the rainforests being cut down and plant more trees and hedges both here and abroad for wildlife.
Robert, 11, Peebles

I would make people stop killing elephants for their tusks and lions for their fur.
Catherine, 7, London

Nothing is ever perfect but our world is now getting a little bit overly bad, we need to put an end to war!
Emily, 12, London

I would stop poverty and build more homes for kids - it makes me sad when adults and kids are living on the streets.
Catherine, 14, Crawley

I would stop terrorism, war and poverty.
Zara, 13, Bishop's Stortford

I would want the world to be a richer place so everyone can afford to have a home. I also would like the world to be a lot cleaner.
Dorothy, 12, Aylsham

I would end poverty, bring world peace, reintroduce traditional values in schools and have honest politicians.
Zoe, 12, Trowbridge

The main things I would change would be to stop poverty, bullying and crime!
Yasmeen, 11, Surbiton

If I could change anything in the world it would be letting whales float away into the Atlantic.
Hope, 9, Sidmouth

if I could change something it would be no wars and everyone would be in the mood for a party!
ruby, 10, Brighton

I would end all wars and end poverty.
Mollie, 11, Wales

I would help poor countries get food and water and live a happy life.
Francesca, 10, Lewes

If there was anything in the world I could change it would definitely be racism.
Alisha, 12, Worcester

We need world peace as it is the only way that we can then fight poverty and hunger. we need to act now to stop genocide in Africa as we always see on the news.
Henri, 12, Nottingham

I would end world poverty, stop climate change, save the animals, end all fighting and killing and made sure everyone lived in a safe, peaceful environment
Hannah, 9, Bristol

I would try and cut down on racism and bullying. I would have harsh punishments for those who deserved them. I would try and cut down on poverty of all kinds.
Osnat, 10, London

I would stop wars between countries.
Talha, 10, Crawley

I think we need to recycle more.
Nakita, 9, Bristol

I would stop all the wars.
Hannah, 9, Bristol

I would stop bullying.
Alicia, 9, Bristol

I would ban smoking and stop the wars and try to make everybody live together in peace and harmony.
Matthew, 9, Bristol

I would ban smoking.
Toni, 9, Bristol

If I was in charge I would stop the conflict in Iraq.
Morgan, 9, Bristol

If I could change something in the world I would put an end to poverty and make sure that no one lives on the street.
Amelia, 9, Bristol

If I was in charge I'd make the world more environmentally friendly.
Karim, 9, Bristol

I would stop the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
James, 9, Bristol

If I could change one thing it would be to stop wars and killings and help poor countries.
Alexis, 10, Wallington

I would get rid of racism, wars and world poverty.
Jenni, 13, Woking

I would like to stop everything bad happening so we can all live in peace.
Darragh, 9, Tyrone

I would help build new homes and provide food!
Marriam, 11, Leicester

I would make world peace forever!
Rosie, 9, Scotland

I would make sure that all children enjoy school because we only go once and deserve to enjoy it.
Casey, 12, Kirkby

Put out policies to prevent future wars, make Britain greener, and combat climate change, and also make sure every child in the UK gets a good education!
Charlotte, 12, Leicester,

If I could change the world I would make sure that everyone has a fair share of money, education and housing. Nobody should be living in poverty because we are all equal.
Sally, 11, Crieff

I'd stop all wars and starvation and cruelty to children.
Erica, 11, Poole

If I was to change one thing it would be poverty.
Alice, 12, Birmingham

I'd make fox hunting totally illegal.
Ashleigh, 13, Essex

I would stop poverty and all bad conditions in poorer places around the world.
Priya, 10, Middlesbrough

I really want to change loads of things, stop global warming, stop people mistreating animals and stop people hunting them! I would also stop wars and all the fighting!
Emily, 12, Warrington

I would stop all cruelty to children and animals and also all the wars.
Zinah, 13, Bradford

Firstly, I would make sure everyone has a home. I would stop all wars and fighting. I would stop animals cruelty. I would also help stop global warming and Aids.
Lauren, 10, Isle of Lewis

I would make sure there is peace all around the world.
Lauren, 11, Darlington

I would make people only buy fairtrade products. I would also make sure we change our ways to slow down Global Warming.
Ellen, 12, Leicestershire

I just want to stop global warming!
Hannah, 13, Wales

I would stop all the wars to make our world a safer place.
Kieran, 13, Middlesbrough

I would stop poverty everywhere, save all endangered species and stop climate change.
Lucy, 13, Hampshire

I would make sure children live a happy life.
Ellie, 10, Mirfield

If I had the power to change the world, then I would stop all poverty, terrorism, and innocent people being killed or dying.
Daniel, 10, Durham

I would end poverty and stop wars. I would also build more prisons so that all the criminals would be locked up. I would also try and stop global warming by inventing more environmentally friendly ways for us to live our lives.
Zoe, 13, Southampton

I would like to stop all the bombings and all the wars.
Alice, 11, Inverness

I hope that all animal cruelty ends because I want to be a vet and I have some pets of my own.
Vandini, 13, Edgware

I would stop the war with Iraq.
Greyem, 9, Brighton

First I would change the Prime Minister and together we'll try to beat poverty and cure more illnesses.
Deanna , 11, Norwich

I would stop pollution. I would also put an end to poverty because I don't think it's fair that people live in poverty.
George, 13, Weymouth

I think the world would be a better place it we stop poverty, wars, pollution and animal hunting.
Martha, 12, Brighton

I think we're spending loads of money on wars when it could be used to feed people.
Charlotte, 12, Brighton

I would like to make sure that animals have some rights and make people recycle and also help the environment.
Anna, 10, Stebbing

I would stop animal cruelty and hunting. There is so much more I would change!
Lydia, 11, Norton

I would help stop global warming and AIDS.
Nicholas, 9, London

I would stop all the wars and make sure all children had enough to eat and drink.
Tom, 10, London

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