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Last Updated: Monday June 11 2007 12:38 GMT

What will life be like for you in the future?

Some children in Afghanistan

The world is changing fast.

And the kind of life you'll have when you're older will be pretty different to the lives your parents have now.

This is one of the issues Newsround is looking at as we try to find out what you think of the world you're growing up in.

But what do you think YOUR future will be like?

How will the world be? What will you be doing?

Email us now and let us know.

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Your Comments

I think that technology will become even more fascinating and we will all become a lot cleverer.
Tessa, 12, St. Neots

I really hate the things that are happening to rainforests. Litter is everywhere too!
Megan, 12, Lancashire

I think everything will be electronic and they'll be loads of robots!
Eleanor, 11, Ireland

I think hardly anyone is paying much attention to the global warming warnings. Let's get green!
Alice, 13, Farnham

I think in the future the world will be worse because of global warming.
Danniella, 11, Macclesfield

I hope it will be very environmentally friendly, with no animals on the endangered list.
Georgina, 11, Scarborough

I want to let everyone in the world live in peace.
Rosie, 10, Thornbury

It's sad because nobody cares about what will happen if we keep dropping litter.
Tennessee, 10, London

I wish that all wars would stop and everyone would just sit down and have a think about global issues. But I know that's not going to happen.
Johnny, 10, Harrogate

I'm hoping that by the time I'm 20 the amount of children on the streets will have gone down. Or just disappeared.
Yasmeen, 11, Surbiton

I think the world will be polluted and it won't be nice.
Lounisa, 10, Sevenoaks

I wish all hatred and wars will stop. But unfortunately, I think some things will get worse.
Jenni, 13, Woking

I hope things will get better, that the people who need help will be helped. I also hope we come up with cures for some deceases so that people can live longer. I just really hope the world will be a better place.
KC, 11, Glendora

I don't think we will have a good future because the government is not doing anything about schools, global warming, poverty and wars. The government say they will do it but they never do
Hannah, 11, Salisbury

I'm really scared about my future.
Mary-Lou, 9, Ormskirk

I hope that animal testing, violence, wars and global warming will stop.
Kirsty, 11, Bradninch

I don't want to be a victim of global warming. I wish people stop polluting so much.
Cameron, 12, Henley

I think it will be pretty scary.
Edil, 10, London

I hope my future is grand because I want to become a news reporter because I want to know what the world is like.
Molly, 10, Boats Fleming

When I'm older I want to make children in Britain have a better school life because I want to be a mentor or a councillor that children can go to with their problems.
Rebecca, 12, Newcastle

Poverty will stop and it'll be the end of wars. And I will be an author and write about what horrible things happened in 2006.
Helena, 10, London

In the future I hope that I will become a professional bike racer. Or a zoologist that studies wild pandas because I really like animals and thinking about the world.
Debbie, 9, London

I think there is going to be more hatred in the future.
Farhat, 13, Ilford

I would like to move to Australia, start an animal rescue and just make the most of my time there; but if all the global warming and wars continue, I doubt many generations after us, will live at all.
Amy, 12, Rhyl

I think life will be good in the future with new technology, and I hope to be a scientist. Although I am worried about natural resources.
Rhys, 11, Glasgow

The world is heating up due to global warming, and I don't want to have to say to my children and grandchildren that 'when I was young there was a wonderful creature called a polar bear, but you can't see them now because my generation didn't do anything to stop them becoming extinct'.
Milly, 13, Truro

I hope in the future that I can help poor and deprived people and also teach people the value of life.
Katie, 13, Bewdley

I hope that I'll move to America, get a good job and doing well in life. I also hope that lots of new technology will be invented and, cures for diseases such as cancer will be discovered.
Zoe, 12, Southampton

I don't think we'll have a bright future if the world stays this way.
Lydia, 11, Blackwood

I hope the world will get better in the future. We need to sort out all the mess that other generations caused like global warming.
Joe, 12, Aylsham

I hope I do become a doctor so that I could help children and adults with their sufferings and illnesses.
Zahara, 13, Neasden

I think that everyone hopes for a brighter future. I wish that I would have a good and enjoyable job. I think everyone around the world should have good opportunities no matter how rich or poor they are.
Krupa, 13, Harrow

I hope I'm happy in the future and that I am a vet because I love animals so much.
Catherine, 10, Hull

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