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Last Updated: Friday December 01 2006 12:34 GMT

Quiz: Seals

A harp seal

Question 1

Are seals:

A: Mammals
B: Fish
C: Crustaceans

Question 2

Seals are thought to have descended millions of years ago from what animal?

A: Whale-like creatures
B: Bear-like creatures
C: Hippo-like creatures

Question 3

How are fur seals different from other seals?

A: They can't swim
B: They don't eat fish
C: Their ears are on the outside

Question 4

Seals are classed as pinnipeds. What does that mean?

A: Big-nosed
B: Flap-footed
C: Bushy-whiskered

Question 5

What is seals' favourite food?

A: Marmite
B: Fish
C: Algae

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